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 January Lunch Platters Menu

Platter: Full serves 30-40 • Half serves 15-18 • Third serves 5-10

Salad: Full serves 18-20 • Half serves 10-12 • Third serves 3-4

January 7-11

Slow Cooked Teriyaki Chicken with Sauce

$175 Full; $100 Half; $75 Third

Teriyaki Mixed Vegetable and Tofu

$125 Full; $75 Half; $45 Third

Vegetable Fried Rice

$75 Full; $50 Half; $30 Third

Beef and Barley Soup

slow cooked tender beef, mixed vegetables, and plump barley

$13 per quart

Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad

apples tossed with dried cranberries, feta cheese, and walnuts, with maple pumpkin butter vinaigrette

$75 Full; $50 Half; $15 Third 

January 28- February 1

Beef Fajitas with Onions and Bell Peppers

$250 Full; $150 Half; $80 Third

Vegetable and Pinto Bean Fajitas

$100 Full; $75 Half; $40 Third

Spanish Rice and Corn Tortillas

$75 Full; $50 Half; $30 Third

Italian Wedding Soup 

pork balls, pearl couscous, beans, and kale

$13 per quart

Niçoise Salad

green beans, potatoes, olives, and capers on a bed of lettuce with anchovy

$75 Full; $50 Half; $25 Third

January 14-18

Bacon Wrapped Pork and Beef Meatloaf

$250 Full; $150 Half; $80 Third

Roasted Vegetables and Black Beans

$100 Full; $75 Half; $45 Third

Spinach Potato Gratin

$75 Full; $50 Half; $30 Third


classic minestrone soup with vegetables, beans, and pasta topped with parmesan

$13 per quart

Brussel Sprouts Bacon Salad

shaved brussel sprouts, candied bacon, walnuts, and cranberries with maple vinaigrette

$75 Full; $50 Half; $15 Third

January 21-25

Housemade BBQ pulled pork

$250 Full; $150 Half; $80 Third

BBQ lentils

$125 Full; $75 Half; $40 Third

Jalapeno cornbread

$75 Full; $50 Half; $30 Third

Potato Ham Chowder

thick and creamy potato, corn, and ham chowder topped with bacon

$13 per quart

Crispy chicken and apple salad 

crispy fried chicken breast, apple, walnuts, and cranberry salad with buttermilk dressing

$75 Full; $50 Half; $15 Third







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